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La Jonchère Park

This wooded parkland of about 11 hectares (about 27 acres), reserved for walking and of which some species date back to the 18th century, overlooks the Seine and provides a spectacular view over the whole valley. A magnificent setting for the village of Bougival and a backdrop often painted by the Impressionists, the hill is […]

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Island of La Chaussée

For everyone’s enjoyment, Bougival offers its lush greenery to all visitors in search of tranquillity and recreation. The Island of La Chaussée is home to the municipal park and all the Patrice Vieljeux sports complex: children’s play areas: slides, springers, rope pyramids, swing 3 football pitches (grass and sand-covered) tennis club (9 tennis courts) pétanque […]

Visit Bougival

Island of La Loge

The locks with their intense activity will be of great interest to children. This is a very popular place for walking because you can explore the banks of the Seine overlooking Croissy. You will be able to admire the Château de poche and then hunt for antiques at “Emmaüs”, which is opposite the locks beyond […]

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