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From Bougival Station to Bougival Bridge

Start Bougival Station Exit on the side of the platform in the direction of St-Lazare, turn left into rue de la Gare then take  the second road on the right, rue François Debergue. Next turn left into rue Hippolyte Lacroix. At the  end of the road, turn right down rue du Chemin de Fer, then […]

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The Tourist Office of Bougival organizes exciting guided tours for groups   Tour 1 : In the footsteps of the Impressionists Tour 2 : Vestiges of the “machine de Marly” Tour 3 : Along the river Seine… Tour 4 : Bougival, a village through the centuries   Download leaflet for details Guided walking tours for […]

Visit Bougival

The Islands and Rennequin Sualem Quay …On the Impressionists walk

From Carrières sur Seine, passing through Chatou, Croissy, Bougival, Louveciennes, Marly le Roi and Port Marly, reproductions of paintings on enamel plaques have been placed at the exact spots where the impressionist painters created them. So in Bougival, you can admire 12 reproductions from this magnificent period. Start Island of La Chaussée car park (free) 1- The “Bridge […]

Visit Bougival

The Heights of Bougival, La Jonchère, the Quays

An idea for a walk through Bougival ! Start Church car park, place des Combattants 1- Take rue Pierre Gilon 2- Go up rue Emile Richebourg 3- Statue of François Debergue 4- Go up Chemin des Bourbiers 5- Take Rue Philippe Paget 6- Go down Chemin du Haut du Parc 7- From the panoramic viewpoint, […]

Visit Bougival

Town Centre and Saint-Michel District

A walk which will take you to the St-Michel district, one of the oldest parts of Bougival. There you will notice some small winegrowers’ houses nestling against each other, with an outdoor flight of steps concealing the entrance to some vaulted cellars. In 1869, the year Impressionism began, Claude Monet lived there with his wife […]

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