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By walk on the île de la Chaussée

The island of la Chaussée, named after the château de la Chaussée situated on the opposite bank of the Seine, is part of the history of Bougival. It is an area for walks, today enlivened by numerous leisure activities, which  keeps the memories of the impressionist artists who chose to paint the landscapes of the […]

Impressionists Walk

Maurice de Vlaminck, Restaurant “La Machine” at Bougival

The painter turns his back on the river to depict a group of houses beside the Seine. The ramp on the right (with the lemon yellow gate) leads to the former buildings of the Machine controller. The houses are still there, with the same offset roofs, chimney locations and orientation of the façades but the […]

Impressionists Walk

The Marly Machine Dam – Alfred Sisley

The painting depicts part of the building housing the 6 huge wheels installed across the branch of the Seine. The Machine was finally demolished in 1968, amid general indifference, when a dam for regulating rises in the level of the water in the Seine was built. The small brick edifice was an annex to this […]

Discover Bougival

Road from Saint-Germain to Marly – Alfred Sisley

Walking along the Seine and the D113 road, on the right, you pass in front of the Machine buildings which were used to house employees, the administrative buildings and repair workshops. This group of buildings has been listed as a National Heritage Site since 1987. As you go up the ramp by which the Machine […]

Impressionists Walk

Boats at the lock at Bougival – Alfred Sisley

Seen from the Island of La Loge – At the end of the path adjacent to the locks, the artist painted the vivid reflections in the water and did not hesitate to capture the presence of a barge tugboat at the lock by depicting smoke coming out its funnel. The painting portrays the tip of […]

Impressionists Walk

The Quay – Berthe Morisot

Go up the steps leading to the bank of the river. The artist used to set herself up on a small boat in the middle of the branch in the river to paint the quay, from where there was a rather unique viewpoint. This canvas, with a vertical format, shows Berthe Morisot’s, fluid painting style […]

Impressionists Walk

The Bridge at Bougival – Claude Monet

In this great painting, the painter exploits the spatial relationship between the road crossing over the bridge in the direction of the village and the track on the left going down to the river. Autumn is depicted clearly; russet-coloured leaves are still clinging to the branches and the sun, the trajectory of which has become […]

Impressionists Walk

Barges on the Seine at Bougival – Camille Pissarro

When Pissarro returned from England in 1871 to settle once more at Louveciennes, the banks of the Seine and above all life on the river were his favourite subjects. A painter of modernity, he was the first to “show” barges going upstream or remaining motionless as they went through the locks. He set up his […]

Impressionists Walk

Marly, embarkation at Bougival – J.M.W. Turner

A great traveller, Turner sketched the banks of the Seine on the spot in a “River Seine” travel notebook. He then worked the sketch in watercolours in a larger format so that prints could be produced for publication. This landscape can be qualified as modern and picturesque insofar as the banks of the Seine are […]

Impressionists Walk

The Marly Machine – Alfred Sisley

From Louveciennes where he settled, Sisley confirmed his talent as a landscape painter exploring the loop in the Seine. The so-called Marly Machine, painted several times, housed the new hydraulic machine that brought water to Marly reservoir. The painter set up his easel opposite it: the precise shapes of the red-bricked building block off the […]

Impressionists Walk

The Factory in the Flood – Alfred Sisley

The flooding of the river Seine in 1872, like the even more famous one in 1876, became a subject to be painted for Sisley. The lock keepers’ house on the Island of La Loge is the main subject of the painting. The latter is reflected in the calm water, an impressive, solid, motionless building. Only […]

Impressionists Walk

Ice floes on the Seine – Claude Monet

Claude Monet captures the misty atmosphere of winter. The depiction of the river and the background are handled with broad strokes of almost monochome paint; the sky and the water blend together in a harmony of grey tones. A few figures, coming to draw some water with their buckets, painted with brisk, precise brushstrokes, create some life on […]

plaque parcours impressionniste
Impressionists Walk

Banks of the Seine at Bougival – Albert Lebourg

Attracted by the Seine valley, Albert Lebourg painted the quay bordering the Seine coming from Rueil many times. Monet and Pissarro had already chosen this landscape where the houses follow the curve of the river, with the Marly aqueduct just visible in the distance. In this canvas the huge sky, in which winter mist still […]

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