From Carrières sur Seine, passing through Chatou, Croissy, Bougival, Louveciennes, Marly le Roi and Port Marly, reproductions of paintings on enamel plaques have been placed at the exact spots where the impressionist painters created them. So in Bougival, you can admire 12 reproductions from this magnificent period.

Start Island of La Chaussée car park (free)

1- The “Bridge at Bougival” called “The Seine at Bougival» painted in 1869 by Claude Monet. It is situated at the entrance to the Patrice Vieljeux stadium, on the Island of La Chaussée.

2- “The Quay at Bougival” painted by Berthe Morisot in 1883 can be found on the Island of La Chaussée, opposite quai Clémenceau, at the base of the old bridge support.

go back onto the bridge, turn left, cross over it and go down the steps towards quai Boissy d’Anglas in the direction of St-Germain, along the Seine.

on this walk you will find on your left, The Résidence la MontgolfièreThe Grille des LionsMistinguett’s House

3-“Marly, embarkation at Bougival” by J.M.W. Turner.

4- “Barges on the Seine at Bougival” by Camille Pissarro.

5- “The lock keeper’s house on the Gautier island” by Alfred Sisley.

6- “Restaurant de la Machine at Bougival”. Picture painted in 1905 by Maurice Vlaminck.

7- “The Marly Machine” by Alfred Sisley.

8- Opposite the Marly Machine, in the public gardens: “Route de St-Germain at Marly”, located on quai Rennequin Sualem at Bougival.

9- On the terrace, “The Marly Machine Dam”, painted in 1876 by Alfred Sisley. The original belongs to a private collection. An information table reminding you of the history of this Machine.

take the Island of La Loge bridge on your right.

10- on the right in the direction of the locks, “Boats at the lock at Bougival”, painted in 1873 by Alfred Sisley. The lock is situated at the tip of the Island of La Loge.

Return by the bridge and admire the ruins of the Marly Machine and the Impressionists’ Hill which is listed.

on the right is “le Coq de Bougival” (formerly the Coq Hardi restaurant).

2 other plaques complete this itinerary and can be seen beyond Bougival bridge in the direction of Rueil.

11- “Banks of the Seine at Bougival” by Albert Lebourg (opposite the hotel Holiday Inn)

12- “Ice Floes on the Seine at Bougival” by Claude Monet (behind Bizet’s house)

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