1. Start Bougival Station
  2. Exit on the side of the platform in the direction of St-Lazare, turn left into rue de la Gare then take  the second road on the right, rue François Debergue. Next turn left into rue Hippolyte Lacroix. At the  end of the road, turn right down rue du Chemin de Fer, then take the first road on the left, rue Gabriel  Péri.
    Wash house with central impluvium
  3. Carry on and turn left down rue d’Estienne d’Orves. Walk up to place J-E Couturier (colourful, old  winegrowers’ houses) You are in the oldest part of Bougival: “Hameau Saint-Michel” (Saint-Michel  Hamlet).
  4. Continue walking and you will arrive at Place de la Marne.
  5. Go back down rue du Docteur Duborgia.
  6. At the corner of this street and rue Georges Bizet is a house where the painter Vlaminck lived.
  7. Continue along rue Georges Bizet and take Chemin des Côtes behind the graveyard. Spectacular  view of the impressionists’ hill, a listed site.
  8. Go down chemin du Clos de la Butte
  9. You arrive at rue Henri Barbusse. Turn left.
  10. Cross route de Louveciennes and go down chemin de l’Ariel
  11. You arrive at rue du Peintre Gérôme; go down on your right and you will notice Berthe Morisot’s  House and the balcony on the first floor, a work called “On the Balcony of Eugene  Manet’s Room” (1881).
  12. Walk through the underground passage. Go up the steps and turn round to continue walking on  the pavement in the direction of Bougival bridge.

See brochure and detailed map