An idea for a walk through Bougival !

Start Church car park, place des Combattants
1- Take rue Pierre Gilon
2- Go up rue Emile Richebourg
3- Statue of François Debergue
4- Go up Chemin des Bourbiers
5- Take Rue Philippe Paget
6- Go down Chemin du Haut du Parc
7- From the panoramic viewpoint, admire the view over the Seine
8- Leave the park by taking allée des Tilleuls then turn right down rue de la Croix aux Vents and rue J. Kellner on the right. Walk along the side of the hotel Holiday Inn
9- Go up the cul-de-sac on the left for the Turgenev Museum and Villa Viardot
10- Go back down and cross the D913 road on the Seine side, Georges Bizet’s house (5 rue Yvan Tourguéniev)
11- Georges Régnault’s house (11 rue Yvan Tourguéniev)
12- Return by the towpath. Take the direction of the Pavillon de Blois on the left (quai Clémenceau)
13- Go up rue du Général Leclerc to the church car park.
See brouchure and detailed map