Maurice Vlaminck the self-taught !

Fascinated by music, cycling and writing, his meeting with Derain will give him his vocation of painter!

In 1906, Vlaminck (1876-1958) lives in the small village of La Jonchere, situated in the woods near the town of Bougival.

Then he resides in the hamlet of St-Michel in Bougival, in this House that he painted (intersection of streets Bizet and Dr. Duborgia).

He will remain there very shortly because it is mobilized in 1914.

Maurice de Vlaminck has painted more than fifty canvases about Bougival ! This period has been extremely productive for his beginning of Fauvism.

Maurice de Vlaminck, Restaurant "La machine" at Bougival, Quai Renneguin Sualem, 1905, Paris Musée d'Orsay