The locks of La Loge Island at Bougival.

The locks of La Loge Island

The purpose of building a second “Marly Machine”, undertaken under Charles X and later under Napoléon III, was to restore river traffic, by building a lock.

Situated between the Island of La Loge and Gautier Island, Bougival’s old lock is 113 m long and 12 m wide (on the Gautier Island side) and dates back to 1838.
In 1879, owing to the increase in traffic, a small lock (in the middle) 55 m long and 8 m wide was opened for so-called express boats.
Then in 1883, a third lock 220 m long and 17 m wide was built (on the Island of La Loge side). It is one of the largest in France.

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