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By walk on the île de la Chaussée

The island of la Chaussée, named after the château de la Chaussée situated on the opposite bank of the Seine, is part of the history of Bougival. It is an area for walks, today enlivened by numerous leisure activities, which  keeps the memories of the impressionist artists who chose to paint the landscapes of the […]

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🎨Come and paint outdoors in Bougival

Welcome to Bougival, the town of the Impressionists ! Discover its beautiful landscapes to paint outdoors.     You will find different viewpoints on the map. Click on the map                                                

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Offers for groups 2020

Discover our activities for groups. Guided walking tours Historical walk around Bougival Following the Impressionists History of the Seine Nautical activities Expedition on the Seine Museums Museum Turgeniev Booking through the Tourist Information Office : by phone : +33 01 39 69 21 23 by  e-mail :

Practical information

National “Accueil Velo” (Bike Welcome) label

Bougival Tourist Information Office has adopted a quality process by obtaining the national “ACCUEIL VELO” label! The “Accueil Vélo” label guarantees high-quality hospitality specifically aimed at bicycle touring. The aim is to develop this label in areas providing signposted tourist cycling routes in accordance with the national specifications for Véloroutes (cycle tracks) and Voies Vertes […]

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