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Practical information

National “Accueil Velo” (Bike Welcome) label

Bougival Tourist Information Office has adopted a quality process by obtaining the national “ACCUEIL VELO” label! The “Accueil Vélo” label guarantees high-quality hospitality specifically aimed at bicycle touring. The aim is to develop this label in areas providing signposted tourist cycling routes in accordance with the national specifications for Véloroutes (cycle tracks) and Voies Vertes […]

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Maurice de Vlaminck

Maurice Vlaminck the self-taught ! Fascinated by music, cycling and writing, his meeting with Derain will give him his vocation of painter! In 1906, Vlaminck (1876-1958) lives in the small village of La Jonchere, situated in the woods near the town of Bougival. Then he resides in the hamlet of St-Michel in Bougival, in this […]

Impressionists Walk

Maurice de Vlaminck, Restaurant “La Machine” at Bougival

The painter turns his back on the river to depict a group of houses beside the Seine. The ramp on the right (with the lemon yellow gate) leads to the former buildings of the Machine controller. The houses are still there, with the same offset roofs, chimney locations and orientation of the façades but the […]

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